KAS Hybrid (Elite Sports Schools)

Developing elite athletes for sustained high-level performance in sports necessitates a long-term approach to talent identification and development. To achieve this goal, it is crucial to provide talented students with access to top-tier sports training facilities while they continue their academic pursuits.

The Academy will undertake the following initiatives:

  • Establish fully equipped residential centers that seamlessly integrate academics and sports training.
  • Forge partnerships and collaborations with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to ensure the effective operation of these centers.
  • Develop comprehensive programs that encompass both academic coursework and sports training.
  • Allocate a minimum of four hours per day for both theoretical and practical sports training.
  • Admit talented students as early as the age of nine (9), allowing them to transition into upper primary education within these centers.
  • Tailor sports specialization programs based on the specific requirements of each sports discipline.
  • Conduct rigorous talent scouting efforts nationwide to identify promising young athletes.
  • Offer training in essential life skills and employable skills relevant to the sports industry. These may include First Aid, ICT proficiency, Financial Literacy, Sports Values, Communication Skills, Introduction to Coaching, and Officiating.
  • Regularly assess and monitor the progress of athletes in both their sporting endeavors and academic pursuits.