On the second day of the 4th Kenya Academy of Sports International Sports Conference, the focus was on the key elements contributing to the success of athletes and sports organizations from a business and financial perspective. The agenda included discussions on athlete financial management, sports entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing, with presentations by industry experts.

Topics Explored:

  1. Sports Branding and Marketing:
    The discussions emphasized the importance of effective branding and marketing strategies for athletes and sports organizations, including insights on creating compelling personal and organizational brands, using social media, and engaging with fans and sponsors.
  2. Sports Entrepreneurship:
    This session explored business opportunities within the sports industry for athletes and sports professionals, covering topics such as identifying market niches, developing sports-related products and services, and building sustainable sports enterprises.
  3. Resource Mobilization in Sports:
    Speaker: Prof. Wycliffe Oboka
    Prof. Oboka provided valuable insights into essential strategies for resource mobilization, including fundraising, securing sponsorships, and forming strategic partnerships to support sports programs and initiatives.
  4. Utilizing Data Analytics for Monetizing Sports Talent:
    This segment delved into specific methods of leveraging data analytics for monetizing sports talent, including performance tracking, fan engagement analytics, and using data to secure sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Key Speakers:

Prof. Vincent Onywera (KCA University)
Prof. Onywera shared expertise in integrating academic research with practical applications in sports management, focusing on sports branding and marketing.

Prof. Vincent O Onywera

Mr. Aaron Alsop (Lead High Performance, Organisation of Sports Federation of Oceania)
Mr. Alsop discussed high-performance strategies and emphasized the holistic approach essential for athlete development, highlighting the role of financial management and entrepreneurship in securing long-term success.

Dr. Seth Amanfo (University of Edinburgh, Research Coordinator TIBA)
Dr. Amanfo explored the convergence of academic research and practical applications in sports analytics, highlighting the pivotal role of data in shaping sports strategies and improving financial outcomes for sports organizations.

The sessions on Day 2 offered valuable knowledge on the business and financial aspects of sports:

  • Effective branding and marketing are crucial for establishing a strong presence, attracting sponsorships, and engaging fans.
  • The sports industry offers opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging athletes and professionals to explore business ventures.
  • Strategic resource mobilization, including fundraising and forming partnerships, is a critical factor for sports program success.
  • Data analytics is shaping sports management by enhancing performance and unlocking new monetization avenues.

Day 2 of the 4th Kenya Academy of Sports International Sports Conference emphasized the importance of financial expertise, entrepreneurship, and marketing in the sports industry. The insights shared by speakers provided practical skills and forward-thinking ideas to enhance professional endeavors. As the conference moves into its final day, participants can expect further enriching dialogues and collaborative opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates on the conference!

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