Our Projects

The Kenya National Sports Institute (KNSI) was set up to address the need for research, improved training and use of modern technology in sports. This was necessary after a thorough research on sports disciplines revealed that sport has become very scientific and consequently the need to establish an Institute to train coaches and administrators.

The Institute trained a vast number of coaches, referees, umpires and administrators in diverse sports disciplines through collaborative arrangements with national, regional and international sports governing bodies.

The National Youth Talent Academy was formed in 2010 out of a situation analysis carried out by both UNICEF and the former Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to establish why most victims of the 2007/08 post-election violence were youth.

The programme aimed at identifying, nurturing and developing talented but vulnerable youth through a mentored process in view of equipping them with valuable skills that contribute to personal development and livelihoods.

Training and mentoring contents were geared towards empowering learners/youth with entrepreneurial skills in their area of talent such as Music, Sports and Creative Arts to enable them venture into competitive markets both at local and International levels.

The first cohort of 100 youth joined and launched the National Youth Talent Academy in March 2010 with disciplines such as soccer (boys), volleyball (girls), film and theatre (boys and girls) and music/dance (boys and girls).

The programme also included efforts to curb illiteracy among early school dropouts by teaching the basics of Mathematics, English, Science and Kiswahili in a bid to equip them with the essentials to suit societal trending demands. Furthermore, lifeskills training on contemporary issues such as family life, health practices, nutrition and HIV/AIDS prevention were imparted.

After the initial piloting in 2009 – 2010 with 100 out-of-school youths, the programme had expanded to include a network of Talent Academies under the banner of National Youth Talent Academies. Eight regional academies (one in each province) managed by the Ministry of Education were launched in August 2010.